Cameron Hanes Says “Buy My House and I will Take You Elk Hunting”

Cameron HanesUltra-Marathoner and extreme bowhunter Cameron Hanes is selling his house in Eugene, Oregon. In a Facebook post he suggested that he would throw in a “Free Elk Hunt,” If you buy it. He walked back the offer a little bit saying he would at least trade hunting stories with you.

If you buy my house I’ll throw in a free elk hunt.
Well, maybe not a free hunt, but I’ll at least exchange elk hunting stories with you. 😊. Link in bio 👆

Below is what the realtor says, what I say is the neighbors are super cool as is shot my bow in the backyard for past 10 years and no one complained.

You know it is a really nice house and the chance to sit down and talk hunting with a legend like Cameron Hanes would be amazing. If in fact he would throw in a free elk hunt I am sure more then a few few would jump at the offer.

You can check out the house here. Too bad he already moved I would love to have seen all the elk and deer heads on the wall.