Man Scams $1000’s from Hunter with Fake Hunting Lease

If you plan on leasing hunting property make sure that you do your due diligence and make sure everthing is legit. You do not want to end up being ripped off, like this group of Michigan hunter. It is sad that a man’s word and a handshake can not be trusted anymore because of people like this guy.

According to Fox 17 in Michigan, Josh Bruursema is accused of leasing land he did not own to several hunters. The investigation started when two hunters reached out to the news station. They did not want to be identified because they did not “trust Bruursema or his temperament.”

The distrust started with an ad Bruursema allegedly posted on Craigslist for hunting land he was leasing at $500 per person for the season. In August, the alleged victims said he gave them a tour of the 120-acre property in the Lowell area.

“I wasn’t comfortable doing it without a contract. He said he wasn’t either because he had been scammed in the past,” one man recalled.

He added, “So he built this elaborate story and made it really desirable.”

“Right about after that is when Josh kind of stopped returning our text messages, stopped answering our phone calls,” the other man explained.

According to one of the vitum, the scam artist the leased from actually was only renting the house in front of the property and was being evicted by the land owner.

Bruursema was in court Wednesday for his preliminary exam. He faces two felonies, including one count of using a computer to commit a crime and one count of false pretense. He’s accused of defrauding the victims out of at least $5,500.

Judge Sara Smolenski said there’s an agreement that if Bruursema paid the men back, his felony charges would be dropped to misdemeanors.

The American Hunting Lease Assosiation is trying to find the hunter. In a Facebook posted they stated that they would like to help these guys out.

Can anyone help us get in touch with any of the hunters involved in this scam? As part of the #HuntingCommunity the American Hunting Lease Association would love to help these hunters and their families out this holiday season. If the courts will move forward with FELONY charges on this criminal, the AHLA will make restitution to the hunters defrauded out of their money!

If you know these hunters let them know these people are looking for them.