Facebook Censors Wild Food

This should not come as a surprise to any hunter on social media, but the big powers in Silicon Valley are not very friendly to our past time. I some ways I understand that not everyone wants to see a kill and they cover up a photo, but this goes way beyond that. This past week two major players when it comes to wild food and wild game cooking have had posts taken down by Facebook/Instagram.

Wild Game Chef Hank Shaw posted on his page about the incident. He had a post removed on Instagram featuring some geese that he had hunted and cleaned. He also states that Steve Rinella had the same thing happen to him a few days ago.

Instagram just deleted a post I wrote about how I use every part of the geese I hunt. It had a picture of plucked geese. This apparently violated their guidelines.

I am not the only person this has happened to. It happened to Steve Rinella two days ago. It happens to hunters every day.

I had a blog post about breaking down a game bird removed from Google Ads because of “gore.”

There is no way to contest this. No customer service. No one to have a conversation with.

The increasing number of these actions is chilling. Those who control social media, including this one I am on now, have deemed what I and every other hunter – and angler, as it’s happening to them, too – do to feed ourselves and our families as violent or hateful.

I am at a loss

The pictures in question are very benign.  Literally, you can see worse things in your local grocery store. Hank is at a loss and frankly, we are too.  What are hunter supposed to do?

In a subsequent post, Hank made a suggestion. If you want to follow your favorite Hunting personas, subscribe to their newsletter. That way you are not limited by the social media censors.

Given the wake-up call I just got from Instagram (Facebook), which can censor me at any moment, it stresses the need for you and I to be able to talk *without* the filter of social media. The way to do that is to subscribe to my newsletter here: https://honest-food.net/subscribe/

This space could be shut down at any moment. After my post yesterday, I’ve heard horror stories from colleagues not only in the hunting space, but also in places as diverse as small livestock farmers, hemp producers, 4H, butchers, even chefs.

If that happens, all this is gone in an instant, with no way of appeal or redress. It’s happened to several of my colleagues already.

So I ask you to considering signing up for the newsletter. I only email my latest recipes and how-tos, and essays, plus one letter to you each month. I don’t share your personal information with anyone. And that’s a promise.

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I tried to find Steve Rinella’s post that was deleted but was unable to. If I had to guess it was just as inocent as Hank Shaw’s.