Fred Eichler Becomes the Only Person Ever to Harvest this Fish with a Bow

Fred Eichler was the first hunter ever to complete the North American slam with a recurve bow which he completed back in 2009. Now in 2019, he adds another first to resume.

Fred is now the only person to harvest a marlin with a bow.

We did it!! The video is amazing and will be on an episode of #everythingeichler! I shot a Marlin that was 7’2” from tip of the bill to tip of the tail with my recurve and a Muzzy Fishpoint that went to floats like on the movie Jaws! Howard Hill is the only other person to do it that I’m aware of but brought it in with Rod & Reel after shooting it with a barbed arrow. Our goal was to do it without rod and reel!
We went on an expedition to prove that the method would work and it did! Only one person is permitted by the Mexican government to do this and his name is Ty Miller of Blue Arrow Expeditions – here’s his email if you would like it:

Awesome job! Fred keep the hits coming.