Fred Eichler Kills Goose Mid-Air with Recurve {VIDEO}

Being deadly with a recurve is quite the accomplishment. Just ask my cousin Stephen, he has been trying to kill a deer with his the last two years with no success, in fact, he missed the biggest buck of his life this year with it.  There is a reason they call it the struggle stick.

It is hard enough to kill a game animal standing still much less shooting a bird out of the air, but master bowman Fred Eichler did just that. Fred is the first and as far as I know, the only hunter to kill all 29 North American big game species with a recurve bow. Now he can add Canada Goose to the list. When he shot one out of mid air and posted the picture and video to Facebook.

So excited. Goose with my Hoyt Satori recurve this morning out of the air. Will post video at 6:00 tonight MTN. Only had two shots this morn. One close miss and one center punch at 35-40 yards away.

He later posted the video. it is quite the accomplishment.

So fun to still be having firsts with my recurve! 🏹 First flying goose I have ever taken. Was a little excited and I’m not sure who was more surprised… me or the goose. 😲 We got two shots this morning so maybe I should quit at 50%! 🤣