Huntress Responds with Pure Class after Nasty Headline

The Daily Mail, a British News outlet does not like hunters too much, and go out of their way to try and portray us in a negative light. This past week the published a story of an Ohio hunter, Beka Garris, who takes her daughter hunting. They led with the sensational headline “Huntress Straps Baby Daughter to her Back While She Slays Animals for Fun.”

Beka Garris responded to the article about her with amazing class. She posted the following on her Facebook page.

Well, that escalated quickly. This article published on The Daily Mail this morning is actually a great neutral article (with a few discrepancies) about myself and my daughter. Being who they are, they added a misleading and anti-hunting subtitle 🙄 
Surprisingly I’ve gotten quite a bit of positivity and feedback on their Facebook page, along with the usual negativity. If you’re on Facebook feel free to go leave something positive 😊

I read the article and I agree with Beka’s assessment. It was pretty neutral, but the headline left much to be desired.

I have never met Beka, but from what I can tell she is pure class and a great mother doing her best to instill the hunting heritage that we all hold so dear. So head over to her page and give her a like and a follow and show her support.

Note: It appears that they have toned down the headline on the actual site, but the social media headline remains the same. The site headline reads “Huntress mother straps her nine-month-old daughter to her back while she shoots animals with a bow and arrow – and has already bought her a ‘cute’ outfit for their expeditions”