Jim Shockey Shoot Huge Moose and Delivers an Epic Message

Jim Shockey is a no guff no, no nonsense kind of guy. He lays out the truth about hunting in a way like no one else can. I deeply respect him and listen to what he has to say.

This past week Jim shot a monster bull up in the Yukon and when he posted the picture he accompanied it with an epic message that everyone needs to hear.

As a youngster growing up in Saskatchewan, I remember my father hunting moose every fall, to feed us. If he didn’t get a moose, we didn’t buy a cow. In fact, other than chicken and turkey, I honestly don’t ever recall eating beef…or lamb…or pig when I was young.
As much as this photo might offend some people, it isn’t about ego and it isn’t about chest beating…it’s about the memory of my father…and about honouring tradition. It’s about loving a “way of life” and feeding my own family.
It’s about ceremony…preserving a spiritual moment in time.
And in a way that some people will never understand, this photo is about RESPONSIBILITY for the life and for the death of the billions of animals ALL 7.5 billion humans kill and eat EVERY SINGLE DAY!
This photo, as counter intuitive as it may be for some of you reading this, is about RESPECT for this animal.
Every piece of meat, every fish, every shrimp, chicken, pig, goat, cow, sheep and turkey, you eat, was a living creature…a creature that deserves respect, in life…and as some won’t ever understand…death.

Well said Jim. Thank you for speaking up for hunters and saying the truth that needs to be said. I salute you.