KFC Buys 340,000 Pounds of Asian Carp

I bet you thought we were referring to the chicken place. Nope, in this case we are referring to the Kentucky Fish Center. A group set up by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Game to help deal with the invasion of Asian Carp.

TheWestern District Fisheries posted the following to their Facebook page

The Kentucky Fish Center, an Asian Carp fish market, opened for business in January. Also known as the KFC, the main purpose of this privately owned entity is to provide a constant buyer of Asian carp from commercial fishermen in Kentucky at a guaranteed price. The KFC is the culmination of years of effort by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife to partner with private businesses to help bolster the commercial market for Asian carp. Currently, the mass removal of Asian carp through commercial harvest is our best line of defense to keep Asian carp from spreading. In 2018, commercial fishermen harvested more than 2.5 million pounds of Asian carp from KY waters. In the first month of operation alone, the KFC facilitated the purchase and sale of 343,846 pounds of Asian carp (there are also other markets buying Asian carp from Kentucky fishermen). The goal for the first year of operation is for the KFC to facilitate the removal of 3 million pounds of Asian carp from Kentucky and Barkley lakes, and another 2 million pounds from other public waterways in Kentucky. If you would like more information about the KFC, please visit their website at https://app.fw.ky.gov/FishCenter/default.aspx or call 270-759-5295.

This is great work they are doing fighting an invasive species. As conservationists we should all strive to leave the Earth a better place.