Lost Dog Makes Friends with Deer

Koda became fast friends with this buck when she became ran away late last year

Usually real life is nothing like a Disney movie, but this stor seems to be. A rambunctious husky named Koda ran away from home and made friendly with a whitetail deer. Their friendship was captured on trail cam and the pictures are amazing.

Rachel Howatt, Koda’s owner, posted the pictures to Facebook and they are spectacular. They slept together, played together, and just seemed to have a wonderful time.

Based on the post it would seem that Koda made it back home, band that the only record of the dog and deer’s time together comes from a neighbor’s trail cam.

Here is her post:

Remember when I posted that Koda our little renegade husky was missing around Christmas time for a number of days?
I finally
learnt what she was doing in the valley for so long after our neighbour checked his game cams.. and I’m amazed.. I still can’t believe this!! Sleeps, eats, and plays around with a buck she made ‘friends’ with.. WOW such an unbelievable pooch

That really is a cool story. I wonder how often things like this happen and we never see it.