MeatEater Is Back With 16 Brand New Episodes

In my opinion MeatEater with Steve Rinella is the best hunting show out there. It shows real hunting from a fresh perspective that you can not find on any other hunting show. Steve is basically a hunting philosopher that can dissect the intricacies of hunting like no other person can. If you have never seen his show you owe yourself the pleasure of doing so.

The show used to appear on The Sportsmen’s Channel, but some reason it has had a long hiatus. Now it is back, and the newest season has found a new home on Netflix. It joins two other seasons that were released a while back giving you plenty of show to binge.

The MeatEater Crew released the following statement and trailer about the new season.

It’s finally here! Sixteen brand new episodes of MeatEater are debuting as a Netflix Original at this very moment. We’re talking Joe Rogan, Ryan Callaghan, Mark Kenyon, Remi Warren, Janis Putelis, and Doug “Buckman Juice” Duren. We’re talking the high desert of Nevada, the jungle of South America, and the grizzly-infested backcountry of interior Alaska. We’re talking sea cucumber, moose marrow, fire-roasted piranha, and the little globs of fat that can be found behind a caribou’s eyeballs. Plus plenty of ruminations on why hunting and fishing are sacred activities that bind us to the land and each other. Get on over to Netflix in a hurry and dig in.


I have already watched 5 episodes and it is just as good as the other seasons if not better. I highly recommend checking it out and after you binge the episodes you can get you MeatEater fix by by checking out Steve’s podcast.

So sit back grab some venison jerky, a slice of back strap, and chunk of eyeball fat and enjoy the show.