Mysterious “Chupacabra” like Creature Identified

Weird Creature killed in Mississippi

The pictures of a strange hairless dog-like creature went viral and everyone was jumping to conclusions trying to identify it. Some said it was a Chupacabra, a hairless Mexican dog, others a mangy raccoon, and I even head someone even say it was a naked bear. Needless to say, there was little agreement on the type of animal it was.

But it now seems like we have a positive identity on the animal was unofficially dubbed the ” Poplar Creek Chupacabra.” Jency Walker, the woman who took the original photo’s, did some research and concluded that what she photographed was a “Naked coon.”

She posted the following to her Facebook page.

Poplar Creek Chupacabra Update!!! This animal was killed on my property. It was not killed yesterday. It was killed January 28, 2019. It doesn’t have mange. It’s not photoshopped. It is not a canine. After examination, I determined this animal is absolutely a raccoon with alopecia. This is more than likely not a fungal infection. It was also an older raccoon. Sorry folks, but it’s just a naked coon. Nothing to be all scared about.

Well there you have it, folks, a naked coon. Definitely, an odd looking creature and the explanation totally makes sense. If I saw that crazy thing walking through the woods I have no Idea what I would do.