Poacher Receives Epic Punishment from Judge!

Hunters can never agree on whether or not a poacher received a light or harsh punishment.

I believe most hunters will love what a Texas judge just did to a poacher. A man was convicted of shooting a 19 pt buck with a rifle in an archery only county on private land. In Texas this can land you in jail. For the next five years this man is ordered to spend weekends in jail during deer season! He also has 5 years probation and has been ordered to pay over $18,000 in restitution.

Most poachers end up with no jail time and the ability to continue poaching. This judge came up with a creative way to keep this guy out of the woods. This Texas judge gets a major approval from myself for a creative way to punish this poacher. Do you believe he got off easy or is this the best way to keep poachers from poaching without completely ruining their lives?