The Largest Typical to Ever Walk the Face of the Earth

Are these the Sheds of the largest typical to walk the face of the Earth?

The story of these massive shed antlers have been making their rounds on social media. They are being billed as belonging to the largest typical to ever walk the face of the Earth.

I first heard about this buck in a Facebook post advertising the official scoring that is going to take place next month at the Iowa Deer Classic.

UPDATE: These will be final scored Saturday at 1pm! Indiana Legend sheds! These monster matched sheds have been entry scored and will be final scored live at the Iowa Deer Classic by a panel of judges from different organizations. This deer is believed to be the largest typical to ever walk the planet and will be on display all times of the show!

Indiana Whitetail Deer Management expanded what we know about buck in this post.

Biggest typical whitetail to walk the face of the earth, right here in Indiana. The sheds from 2015 could score bigger than any sheds in history, and as a 10 pt.! Given a reasonable spread credit this buck would have shattered the typical world record 12 pt. Hansen buck. This buck walked right here in Indiana, and was harvested by Andrea Moffett in 2017. Still a giant by anybody’s standards, grossing at 200 and netting 180 as a 9 point, but he lost several inches from his 10 pt. 2015 world record antlers.

Wow any one would be exstatic after killing a deer like that. Imagian if the buck was killed a year earlier. Personally, I think we would have seen a new world record typical.

As a nine point deer is still impressive

So is this the largest typical to ever walk the face of the Earth? I guess we will find out after the classic. We will keep you posted.